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CROSS-AUS Newsletter No 1 - December 2018

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Report Overview

Welcome to the first CROSS-AUS Newsletter! Following the launch of CROSS-AUS on 26 September it is pleasing to see increasing activity on our website with the first reports being submitted. It is also very encouraging to see the large number of subscribers who have signed up to receive our email updates. A point to note is that subscribing via the website is a two-step process – after you submit your details and register on the website, you should receive an email with a link asking you to confirm your subscription. If this did not happen, it may be that your mailbox has rejected the confirmation email which is sent from structuralsafety@communicatoremail.com in which case your IT department may be able to resolve the issue; alternatively send an email to administrator@cross-aus.org.au and we will try to assist. An important element of CROSS-AUS is that there is a Panel of experts to give comments on submitted reports together with a legal review prior to publication. We are pleased to welcome our first Panel members to CROSS-AUS and their details will be added to our People page. This panel will increase in time as needs and demands require, if you are interested in becoming a panel member please get in touch. Confidentiality is a critical aspect of the process and all submitted reports are de-identified as described on our website before being sent to the Panel for review and comment. After collation and agreement of Panel comments, the report with comments is then sent back to the Reporter for final approval to publish. For this first newsletter we have decided to re-publish some previously published CROSS reports that were either submitted from Australia or make reference to practice in Australia, and that we believe are still relevant today. These are: - Reports 254 (published 2012), 390 (published 2014) & 513 (published 2015) that relate to steel supply and fabrication issues and we invite your feedback as to whether there are ongoing similar issues today or whether there have been improvements in practice in recent years. Do let us know! - Reports 462 & 465 (both published 2015) that relate to problems that can arise with non-structural elements when typical “residential" type construction details are used in more extreme environments typical of Australia. Have you encountered any similar problems? We encourage you to give us feedback on any of these matters or to submit a report on any safety issues or matters of concern that you may have.

Overview of Reports in this Newsletter

254 Steel connector failures and forged certificates

According to a reporter, some suppliers are receiving components that are accompanied by certificates that are potentially false or forged.

390 Fabrication issues with imported steelwork truss in Australia

The truss structure shown, says the reporter, illustrated significant defects and deflected after erection requiring rectification.

513 Fabrication different from design drawings

The reporter noticed that a propping design had been fabricated and installed but a number of connection details did not match the design drawings.

462 Non-structural roof soffit linings - failure

The reporter has observed the occurrence of compressed fibre cement sheets becoming dislodged from the soffit of several buildings in Australia.

465 Secondary steel items on roofs in high winds

The reporter's firm routinely ensures that secondary roof items are tested by the manufacturer for the wind loads and rated accordingly.

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