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What is CROSS-US?

CROSS-US (Confidential Reporting on Structural Safety – United States) is a confidential reporting system to capture and share lessons learned from structural safety issues which might not otherwise have had public recognition, with the aim of preventing future failures.

CROSS-US depends on individuals and organizations to submit reports in confidence of safety issues which they have experienced.

Reports submitted to CROSS-US are completely confidential and neither personal details nor information that could be used to identify a project or product are seen by anyone other than the Designated Persons.

CROSS-US maintains a database of anonymized reports and publishes quarterly Newsletters on our website containing anonymized reports with comments from the CROSS-US Panel of experts.

Analysis of the reported safety issues can provide insight into how the safety concerns or events occurred and spur the development of measures to improve public safety.

CROSS-US is the only independent organization for collecting and publishing structural safety related reports in the United States and is linked to CROSS-UK / Structural-Safety in the UK established in 2005 (www.structural-safety.org).

The implementation of CROSS-US is an initiative of the Structural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

A brief description of key members of CROSS-US, including the Designated Persons, can be found on our People page.


Why is CROSS-US confidential?

A confidential system allows safety issues to be reported while avoiding potential concerns, including being reprimanded or disciplined for actions that led to the safety issue, pressure from co-workers to keep quiet, possibly affecting professional membership, loyalty to client/employer or being concerned about insurance issues.

The confidential reporting techniques used by CROSS-US were first developed by NASA for the aviation industry in the USA.

The reporter’s personal information and any identifiable details, such as a project, product, individual or organization, are completely confidential to CROSS-US and are not shared with anyone.


Who can submit a report to CROSS-US?

Reports are welcome from anyone involved in the building, bridge, and civil engineering industry, including structural engineers, civil engineers, designers, contractors, clients, inspectors, maintenance and operation teams, project managers, local authorities, statutory authorities and government.

Reports are also welcome from others who have an interest in structural safety.


Why should I submit a report to CROSS-US?

Have you or a colleague ever learned a lesson from reading a CROSS-US, CROSS-UK, or CROSS-AUS report which has improved the safety of the projects you are involved in? Well, that was only possible because someone, just like you, decided to submit a report to CROSS so that others could learn from their experience.

Do you know of a safety trend in the industry but can’t quantify it? Or maybe there is a safety issue which has not been spotted yet. Submitting reports to CROSS-US helps to identify and quantify trends in the industry.


More details or to submit a report to CROSS-US?

For more details, visit our Confidential Reporting page, or to submit a report, visit our Submit Report page.


Although CROSS-US handles submitted reports confidentially, and completely anonymizes any material published as a result of the submission, initial contributions must be identifiable. This is necessary in order to verify (and therefore validate) the subject matter.

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